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Creative company Nano Supps gets into beverage with Amino Vibe

nano supps amino vibe

Nano Supps, who also goes by the name ‘ä’, has launched a creative variety of products and supplements over the few years it’s been available. While the Hungarian brand started with an amino that came with a custom wooden scooper, it has evolved well beyond that. The brand now has a pre-workout, an EAA, and protein snacks, which it’s more known for with Protein Cake and its original Protein Pancake.

This week Nano Supps has stepped outside of its comfort zone once again and introduced its first-ever beverage with ‘Amino Vibe’. Like most brands in the industry that come out with a drink, Nano Supps’ product is indeed a functional beverage with energy heavily involved. It features a moderate 3g of vegan-friendly EAAs, along with theanine and enough caffeine for a nice boost in energy at 105mg per sleek 330ml can.

Nano Supps Amino Vibe is also quite clean on the nutrition side with zero sugar, carbohydrates, and fat, and only four calories. The product has hit the market with just two flavors to choose from; both made without any artificial colors in Tropical Mango and the strawberry watermelon creation, Pink Berry. There are already a few retailers in Europe now stocking the product, although not Nano’s own website just yet.

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