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Upcoming nut-free Bowmar Butter promises a delicious frosting-like experience

nut free confetti cake bowmar butter

This Friday, Bowmar Nutrition is releasing another addition to its extensive Bowmar Butter lineup, which a whey protein-infused nut butter available in a wide variety of flavors. At first, the product does look like just another flavor with a colorful, rainbow sprinkle-filled creation called Confetti Cake; however, as you look closer, there is a lot more to this one.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Confetti Cake Bowmar Butter is, in fact, the first-ever nut-free Bowmar Butter. The brand refers to the product as high protein icing instead of high protein peanut or almond spread. According to Bowmar, it tastes exactly like delicious and nostalgic Dunkaroos frosting and still packs Bowmar Butter’s 10g of protein per two-tablespoon serving.

Once again, Bowmar Nutrition is due to drop its promising, creative, and tasty-sounding Confetti Cake Bowmar Butter this coming Friday at precisely midday Eastern Time. If the brand prices its first-ever nut-free Bowmar Butter exactly the same as its many other flavors, through Bowmar’s website the product will cost you a reasonable $9.99 a jar.