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NutraOne enhances Carnicuts with different forms, LeanGBB and Paradoxine

nutraone carnicuts xtreme

NutraOne has introduced a new version of its liquid carnitine supplement Carnicuts, which is as simple as it gets, featuring 1.5g of regular carnitine in each of its 32 servings. The brand’s spin-off, Carnicuts Xtreme, has taken that original product a put a much more advanced twist on it switching to different forms of carnitine and adding some supporting ingredients.

NutraOne’s Carnicuts Xtreme comes with 100mg more carnitine from two forms in 1.4g of carnitine tartrate and 200mg of acetyl-l-carnitine. As mentioned, there are also some extra ingredients in this version; both included to provide further weight loss support. Alongside the 1.6g of carnitine is 25mg of LeanGBB to increase thermogenesis and 15mg of Paradoxine grains of paradise.

As you’d expect with the more advanced formula, the price on NutraOne’s Carnicuts Xtreme is a bit more than the regular version at $31.49 per bottle compared to $22.49. It comes in two flavors, both of which are now in stock on the brand’s website with Berry Blast and Tropical Pineapple flavors, packing 31 servings per bottle.