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Onnit revamps its Protein Bites with better macros and a candy bar-like taste

onnit protein bites

The extensive fitness and nutrition company Onnit has revamped and relaunched its candy bar-like protein snack, Protein Bites. The brand has brought back the product with a handful of changes, making it better than ever. Onnit’s updated Protein Bites still promise a delicious taste and texture to be enjoyed by anyone, but now with stronger macros, including more protein and fiber.

Onnit’s 2020 edition of Protein Bites pack 7 to 9g of protein per 32g bite-sized piece, 12 to 14g of carbohydrates, 6 to 7g each of fiber and fat, 5g of sugar, and a calorie count of 140 to 150. The product primarily gets its protein from a blend of grass-fed milk and whey isolate, with several other real food ingredients in there, such as peanuts, cashews, agave syrup, coconut, and almond butter.

onnit protein bites

Onnit has also thrown in a whole bunch of fruits and greens, which is not something you’ll often see in a protein snack. The product comes with over 60 different plant ingredients, with added pineapple, banana, bell pepper, plum, ginger, tomato, carrot, cabbage, and many more.

While the nutrition profile of Protein Bites has moved around, Onnit has kept its list of flavors the same. The high protein snack still comes in three, chocolate-coated tastes with Coconut Cashew, Peanut Butter, and Cookie Dough. Fans can purchase any or all three Protein Bites starting this week from the brand’s website at $1.40 for a single bite, or a box of 24 for the slightly more cost-effective price of $31.96.