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Outbreak confirms it’s getting into joint support next month with ADS

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The apocalyptic themed brand Outbreak Nutrition has its hand in several different categories of supplements; in fact, it was one of the first sports nutrition companies to get into the now, fast-growing gaming market. At the end of next month, Outbreak is expanding into another area of supplements that it’s not currently competing in with a product named ADS.

Outbreak Nutrition’s upcoming ADS stands for ‘Arthro Daily Support’, which gives you some indication of what it’s all about, with a comprehensive joint support supplement. We don’t yet know what’s in ADS, although the brand has put together some solid formulas over the years, and with this being an essential type category, we don’t imagine it coming up short.

Once again, Outbreak Nutrition is looking to launch ADS or Arthro Daily Support sometime near the end of next month, which with August starting tomorrow, is only three or four weeks away. We should have more details as we get closer to that release, but we can confirm it’ll have a three capsule serving size, giving it plenty of room for a well-rounded formula.