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Primeval launches its latest and cost-effective stimulant fat burner Pyretic X

primeval labs pyretic x

Primeval Labs has released an all-new weight loss supplement under its long-running and reputable Pyretic fat burner family with ‘Pyretic X’. Unlike the original or regularly named ‘Pyretic’, Pyretic X is a stimulant fueled formula similar to Pyretic Black, combining stimulants for energy and focus, and reliable weight loss ingredients to make for a well-rounded, comprehensive experience.

You can see the full formula behind Primeval Labs’ latest fat burner in the facts panel below, with the stimulants yohimbine at 1.6mg per serving and 250mg of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous and natural caffeine. There are also several common fat loss supporting ingredients, including 20mg of Paradoxine grains of paradise, 10mg of cayenne pepper, 250mg of olive leaf, and 200mg of green coffee bean.

primeval labs pyretic x

Altogether, Primeval Labs formulated Pyretic X to support energy and focus, as mentioned, as well as potentially reduce appetite, enhance thermogenesis, improve calorie burning, and boost performance.

The supplement packs all of its ingredients and dosages into a compact two-capsule serving, of which you get 30 per bottle. Primeval Labs directs users to take one serving a day, with a maximum of two, although taking that route, the product will only last you half a month. Pyretic X is in stock and available through the brand’s website at the relatively cost-effective price of $29.99 or just $22.50 for Stack3d Insiders.