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Quest Cookie gets a makeover but keeps everything on the inside the same

rebranded quest protein cookie

The next time fans of Quest Nutrition and its flavorful and protein-packed Quest Cookie, go to by the tasty snack, it may look a little bit different. The functional brand has just revamped the look of its Quest Cookie, making a change that was really only a matter of time. The branding of the product has always been quite different from Quest’s other items, featuring a mostly white packaging design.

Quest Nutrition has updated its Quest Cookie with a look that is more like its signature Quest Protein Bar, where the main color of its packaging is based on the flavor. For example, the product’s Chocolate Chip flavor is now mostly covered in a light blue, and Double Chocolate Chip is purple. As mentioned, this is similar to the Quest Protein Bar, although the cookie doesn’t come in the same amount of flavors.

Quest Nutrition has already updated its website to reflect the rebranding of the Quest Cookie. The product still has the same combination of ingredients, the same five flavors to choose from, and promises the same taste and texture fans have come to rely on.