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REPP drops its testosterone booster Test Pro with a free bottle of DAA

repp sports test pro

REPP Sports’ first all-new supplement in years, is now available with the testosterone booster Test Pro. The brand is running a website sale to celebrate the arrival of the product, where you get a free bottle of DAA capsules, which is obviously an ingredient not in Test Pro. The supplement’s price is $58.99, although if you’re a part of Stack3d Insider, you can drop that to $41.29.

As for the ingredients REPP Sports has packed into its relatively complex testosterone booster, it has brought together a combination of seven transparently dosed features and a handful of others wrapped in a blend. The transparent ingredients in Test Pro include 200mg each of longjack, shilajit, and DIM, half a gram ashwagandha, and 100mg each of coleus forskohlii, horny goat weed, and boron.

repp sports test pro

Moving onto what REPP Sports has in its Test Pro blend, it is a 230mg combination of CitraFuze, mucuna pruriens, yohimbe, and black pepper extract to improve absorption. Altogether the product’s ingredients aim to boost free testosterone to, in turn, help with muscle size and strength, muscle recovery, mood, and stamina, essentially a full spectrum of benefits.

Once again, REPP Sports’ all-new Test Pro is now available for purchase through its official online store with that free bottle of d-aspartic acid, although do note, you only get one freebie per order, not per bottle of Test Pro. The brand’s promotion is also only around for a limited time, 72 hours to be exact, so you only have until Sunday to get in and make your purchase.