RYSE doubles the size of its protein powder and adds a tasty new flavor

Jul 24th, 2020
ryse chocolate cookie blast loaded protein

Since the launch of its protein powder Loaded Protein, RYSE has had only one size available for the supplement with a small, 2lb, 27 serving tub. Today, that all changes, as the lifestyle brand has gone and released a second size option for the product that offers a lot more value. It is a 4lb tub of Loaded Protein, packing twice the servings at 54, although it is not twice the price.

Directly from its website, RYSE’s 4lb Loaded Protein will cost you $72.99, which works out to be exactly 10% cheaper per serving compared to the original 2lb. In addition to the bigger and more cost-effective size, RYSE has dropped another flavor for the supplement. You can now purchase Loaded Protein in a seemingly Oreo-inspired Chocolate Cookie Blast, in 2 and 4lb tubs.

RYSE’s online store at rysesupps.com is the place to go to grab its new size of Loaded Protein as well as its tasty-looking Chocolate Cookie Blast flavor.