SmartShake Giveaway: One of each Rock Band Collection shaker up for grabs

Jul 3rd, 2020
smartshake rock band collection giveaway

After getting such a strong reaction to the launch of its Rock Band Collection, we decided to team up with SmartShake for a giveaway of its all-new series. For those that missed our post, SmartShake’s Rock Band Collection is a line of authentic shakers featuring classic and iconic rock bands such as Metallica, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, and Ozzy Osbourne.

SmartShake has given us one of each of the seven shakers in its new Rock Band Collection to give away. Each bottle will be given to one person, so we’re looking for a total of seven winners. The best part about the competition is that it’s open to everyone in the world, whether you’re in the US, Australia, Japan, or SmartShake’s home continent of Europe.

To be in to win, head over to our Instagram page, click the post featuring the image above, and follow the simple steps in the caption. We’ll give everyone a week or so to get entered, then we’ll randomly select our seven lucky winners and reach out in a comment for more information regarding delivery.

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