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Steel rebrands its amino supplements and refreshes their lineup of flavors

steel supplements updated bcaa eaa and veg bcaa

The hardcore brand Steel Supplements has refreshed the look of its two amino supplements, BCAA+EAA and Veg-BCAA. Both products are fortified with an additional blend of vitamins and minerals. What sets them apart is right in their names as BCAA+EAA is a full-spectrum essential amino acid formula, while Veg-BCAA only features the three BCAAs, and they’re vegan-friendly aminos.

To go with the fresh new look, Steel Supplements has revamped the menus for BCAA+EAA and Veg-BCAA. They now have the same six flavors to choose from with common options like Fruit Punch, Watermelon, and Lemon Lime. You then have the other three, which are creative and slightly less common flavors in Kiwi Strawberry, Peachy, and Bohemian Bliss, a pineapple and raspberry recipe.

Steel Supplements is now listing the updated aminos in its online store priced at $40 for BCAA+EAA and $35 for Veg-BCAA. Most of the flavors are in stock, with just two missing for each, although those are all due to become available within the next two to four days.

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