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Super Swole Review: Reliable, efficient and extremely intense pumps

super swole review

Super Swole is Competitive Edge Labs’ pump-enhancing pre-workout, and it is packed full of ingredients to do just that. Some of its formula highlights include a solid 6g of pure citrulline, 2g of GlycerPump glycerol, and half a gram of VitaSport tart cherry, which you typically find in recovery supplements. We purchased the product and have been running it over the past few weeks, and despite its rather different formula, it packs some serious pumps.


One of the first things we noticed while using Competitive Edge Labs’ Super Swole is how fast the pumps get going. With a heaping scoop, the stimulant-free pump pre-workout gets the blood flowing within the first exercise; if not, then definitely the first two. As mentioned, the supplement has a fast-acting pump effect, but more importantly, it doesn’t take much effort to build a noticeably better pump than normal, as we felt the effect even during warm-ups.

super swole review

The type of pumps the Competitive Edge Labs product provides is more on the dense and intense side of things, as opposed to loaded and bloated pumps. While we usually prefer a balance of both sides, the speed, ease, and reliability of the pumps in Super Swole make up for the fact it doesn’t provide a lot of fullness. The pumps are painfully addictive, as the intensity really provides a more detailed and in-depth feeling with each and every rep.

Another interesting highlight of Super Swole is how consistently strong the pumps are across all muscle groups. With most pump pre-workouts, even some of our favorites, we mostly tend to get better pumps working smaller muscle groups compared to larger ones like back and legs. The Competitive Edge Labs supplement didn’t have any kind of variance like that; in fact, we found it was most intense during those more complex and larger muscle workouts.

super swole review


Overall, we are extremely surprised and impressed with just how effective Competitive Edge Labs Super Swole is. It is one of the most different pump pre-workout experiences we’ve had in a while with its versatility, efficiency, and consistency, on top of its intense pumps, easily winning us over. We did also stack Super Swole with stimulant pre-workouts and found the benefits and effects to be just as strong, so don’t be afraid to combine it with something else for energy.