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Packed out Intra EAA from Supplement Needs gets another creative flavor

supplement needs 90s pick and mix intra eaa

Intra EAA is Supplement Needs’ heavily dosed competitor for the amino market, and it is indeed loaded. Each of the product’s packed out 27g servings provides 12g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, plus an additional 2.35g of the other six EAAs, for a combined total of 14.35g of all nine EAAs. Intra EAA also features taurine, electrolytes, and a huge 9g dose of citrulline malate.

Supplement Needs and its well put together amino product, are in the news because Intra EAA now has another flavor to choose from. Up until today, the brand had three options on the supplement’s menu with Fruit Splash, Peach Ice Tea, and a candy-themed creation in Rainbow Gummy Bear. Joining those three is yet another relatively unique flavor with 90’s Pick ‘N’ Mix.

Fans can purchase and experience Supplement Needs new 90’s Pick ‘N’ Mix Intra EAA starting this week through its online store with a full 30 serving tub priced at £44.99 (57.22 USD).