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Pre-workout Warrior Rage gets a colorful new version with Warrior Rage Savage

warrior rage savage

Warrior Rage Savage is an all-new version of Warrior Supplements’ original stimulant pre-workout more simply named, Warrior Rage. The product features a more colorful label design that changes from flavor to flavor. The pre-workout has three flavors with Fruit Salad in red, green and yellow, Sour Cherry in pink, orange, and yellow, and Grape Bubblegum in a mixture of pink and purple.

While the branding of Warrior Rage Savage is eyecatching, that is not the main feature that separates the spin-off from the original. The supplement also comes with a more modern combination of ingredients compared to the regular Warrior Rage, although still promising a comprehensive set of benefits. Warrior formulated its newest pre-workout to increase energy and focus, as well as support performance and pumps.

Some of the pre-workout’s highlights include citrulline malate to deliver in the area of improved muscle pumps, various nootropics for mental focus, and Dynamine and caffeine for energy. The PeakO2 performance and endurance supporting blend is also in the product at half of the amount we usually see it at with a gram per serving.

According to the team at the UK-based sports supplements and nutrition brand, the all-new Warrior Rage Savage is on the market and available for purchase. As mentioned earlier, it comes in three flavors with Fruit Salad, Sour Cherry, and Grape Bubblegum. Each tub packs a full 20 servings or 40 half servings, with Warrior’s regular retail price on the product being quite reasonable at £24.99 (31.97 USD).