Increased dosages and new ingredients coming to Animal Pak

Aug 27th, 2020
animal pak updated formula

After confirming earlier this week that Animal would be updating its iconic supplement, the pack-style multivitamin Animal Pak, we now have details on what’s actually changing. The product will, of course, remain as a comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula to support overall health and wellness, with the same total of 44 single-serving packs per container.

Where the major changes come in is with the ingredients and dosages in Animal Pak. Animal has increased the amount of vitamin b12, d, and k you get per serving as well as added ingredients to support liver health, digestion, natural energy, and focus. The legacy brand has also improved the tablets, shrinking them down in size while maintaining their ingredients and dosages.

Animal has only improved Animal Pak, essentially making it an even more comprehensive supplement, as well as convenient with those easier-to-swallow, more compact tablets. The upgraded Animal Pak is going to be available directly from the brand’s website this coming Monday, with the new version separate from its predecessor with a red ‘updated formula’ callout.