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Applied supplements at the push of a button coming to UK gyms and stores

applied nutrition vending machine

Applied Nutrition has announced a partnership with fellow UK company Protein Life Express, for a collaboration similar to what it did with another brand, but with an Applied twist. The result of the two coming together is a vending machine that can be thrown into gyms, supplement stores, or even restaurants and provide chilled servings of Applied Nutrition products.

The machine from Applied Nutrition and Protein Life Express has the ability to serve three different supplements for all points of your workout, including pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout. Before training, you can grab a serving of Applied’s pre-workout ABE; during your workout, there is Amino Hydrate; and to finish it all off there is Critical Whey Protein.

Locations across the UK can order the awesome Applied Nutrition collaboration directly from Protein Life Express, and begin serving Applied supplements at the push of a button.