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Athletic Sport gets ready to jump into the competitive world of weight loss

athletic sport oxypro

We did only just post about the fresh new Australian brand Athletic Sport, who currently has a good amount of mainstream type supplements but is looking to expand throughout the year. The brand mentioned more advanced products were on the way, one of which has now been previewed, with the stimulant-powered weight loss formula Oxy Pro.

All we know about Athletic Sport’s upcoming Oxy Pro is it’s formulated to enhance energy, focus, and thermogenesis, much like a lot of other competitors in the category. We have nothing else outside of that, although we do expect Oxy Pro to feature a reliable and well-dosed formula, mostly due to how the brand’s other supplements are put together.

While Athletic Sport may have only just unveiled its upcoming fat burner, it appears fans won’t be waiting too long for the arrival of the product. The brand itself has said Oxy Pro is due to launch sometime within the next couple of weeks, of course, in its home country of Australia.

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