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Battery’s limited time Black Edition gets a newly flavored sequel

battery black edition ii

Black Edition is a stylishly branded flavor of the flagship energy drink from the Finnish beverage company Battery. It features a sleek black on black label design, with 33g of sugar per can, 105mg of caffeine to increase energy, and to keep the theme going, the liquid is also black. Battery has now relaunched its Black Edition, but with a new version called Black Edition II.

Design-wise, the sequel Battery Black Edition II still comes with that stylish black on black label, although with a ‘limited edition’ callout and ‘II’ in an eye-catching gold. The macros and main ingredients are still pretty much the same, with 39.9g of sugar per can, 168 calories, 105mg of caffeine for energy, and of course, the brand has maintained the black-colored liquid.

The biggest change seems to come with the taste of Battery Black Edition II as the beverage company is saying it’s not a flavor it’s ever done for its family of energy drinks. The product is out now in Finland, and as mentioned, it is clearly marked as a limited edition, so it’s not going to be hanging around permanently.

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