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Celsius unveils a new strawberry and marshmallow flavor for Sweden

celsius positive energy

In Sweden, Celsius has dropped a fresh new flavor for its flagship functional beverage featuring a blend of vitamins, minerals, and a reliable 200mg of caffeine for energy. The latest addition to the Celsius family is another alternatively branded flavor featuring a design that’s nothing like any of the others, similar to the recently released City Pulse and Flamingo Tropical that’s also now in the US.

The newest flavor from the beverage giant is the uniquely named Positive Energy Celsius. While the name doesn’t give you much of an idea on its tastes, the brand has confirmed it is, in fact, a sweet combination of strawberry and marshmallow. As mentioned, the Positive Energy Celsius has been announced for Sweden, not the US, although it could end up here as we saw with Flamingo Tropical.

Typically new flavors announced by Celsius for Sweden end up being available pretty quickly. Due to that, we don’t imagine things being any different with Positive Energy, so expect to see the tasty new flavor on shelves soon if you’re in the country.

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