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Chaos and Pain fills its booth with discount, BOGOs and exclusive bundles

chaos and pain stack3d pro deals

Hardcore brand Chaos and Pain is exhibiting at this week’s Stack3d Pro supplement and nutrition expo, and it has taken the opportunity to run a whole bunch of unmissable deals. The well-known supplement company has multiple buy one get one free offers, exclusive bundles discounted by more than 50%, and several individual items also heavily discounted.

Over at its Stack3d Pro Expo booth, Chaos and Pain 2lb tubs of its blend style protein powder Kraken at just $20, Chemical E and F down to $50 each, and two tubs of the sleep aid Hypnos at $55. As mentioned, the brand has buy one get one free deals as well involving its fat burner Cannibal Infernos, its muscle builder Predator, and standalone Yohimbine.

Lastly, Chaos and Pain has a handful of Stack3d Pro exclusive stacks available, including the combination of Hypnos, Cannibal Ferox, the amino Cannibal Carna, a tub of Kraken, a tee, and shaker at $109.99. You can check out everything the brand has to offer at its booth in the South Hall at, with all offers expiring at the end of the week.

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