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EVL’s hybrid energized amino BCAA Energy gets a sour candy flavor

evl sour blue gummy bcaa energy

The brand in blue, EVL, has introduced a new flavor this week for one of its more popular supplements, the hybrid amino formula BCAA Energy. The product features everything it says in its title with a combination of the three all-important BCAAs at a typical dose of 5g per serving alongside CarnoSyn beta-alanine, taurine, alanine, and an energy blend.

EVL’s BCAA Energy did already have plenty of flavors to choose from, a total of over ten, so it’s not too surprising that its newest option is not anything traditional like Fruit Punch or Blue Raspberry. The long-running and widely available brand has taken the sour candy approach this time around with a Sour Blue Gummy BCAA Energy, now available at

Coincidentally, is running a sale right now that includes EVL’s BCAA Energy. The supplement’s regular 30 serving tub size is buy one get one half price at the moment, dropping it from $21.99 to just $16.50 a tub when purchasing two.

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