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EVL brings its all-new superfood supplement to the Stack3d Pro Expo

evl stacked greens

EVL has packed out its booth at this week’s Stack3d Pro Expo and with a lot more than deals and discounts. First up, the brand is offering out an exclusive coupon code that gets you 20% off your entire next purchase when buying directly through its online store. Alongside that, the brand is running a huge giveaway where one lucky visitor could walk away with a year’s supply of EVL’s hybrid formula, BCAA Energy.

Finally, to add even more excitement to its Stack3d Pro Expo booth, EVL has included a teaser of an entirely new supplement. This actually the first all-new complex product we’ve seen from the brand in some time, introducing Stacked Greens. Fans will quickly realize EVL is carrying on the ‘Stacked’ name made popular by its family of Stacked Protein Powders, although this time around, it’s a superfood supplement.

EVL’s Stacked Greens has yet to be completely unveiled, but we know it’ll feature a combination of fruits and greens, and ingredients to support your immune system and hydration. For a closer look at the brand’s latest product, check out its booth at the Stack3d Pro Expo in the East Hall. As mentioned, there is also a giveaway on there for a year’s supply of BCAA Energy, which you can be entered into within a few seconds.

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