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Rising Labs wants fans to pick the categories of its next two supplements

fans decide next rising labs supplement

The team at the consistently growing and expanding brand Rising Labs, has confirmed it’s put together three all-new supplements. For now, it is only sharing the categories of those supplements, but that’s not the most interesting part. What makes this news so interesting is that Rising Labs is letting fans decide which two of the three types of products they would like to see first.

The three supplements Rising Labs has already formulated and finalized are a pump and blow flow product, a flavored multivitamin, and one for the increasingly popular superfood category. As mentioned, the brand has not shared anything more outside of the categories of the three new supplements, with no name or formulas, although the latter is something it’s known for.

You can now have your say on which of the three types of products you would like to see Rising Labs release by heading over to its Instagram page. On there, the brand has a post where all it wants you to do is comment with the two categories you’d like to see it enter first. If we had to pick, we’d like to see superfood and multivitamin, as it would really help fill out the line.