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Legion reformulates its joint support supplement and gives it a makeover

legion fortify

Legion has revamped its joint support supplement Fortify as well as updated its look. The new label design sees the product trade in its hexagonal background pattern and brick in the text for a simpler and cleaner look. Legion’s style of branding on Fortify can be seen on other supplements in its lineup, such as the protein powder Whey+ and fat burner Phoenix, but with a separate set of colors.

Legion’s reformulated Fortify still aims to deliver benefits in line with its predecessor, packed full of ingredients to support joint health and function as well as reduce inflammation. Packed into a full three-capsule serving of the 2020 edition of Fortify is half a gram each of agmatine, vitamin c, and Meriva curcumin, premium ApresFlex boswellia, grape seed extract, and finally, 20mg of UC-II type two collagen.

legion fortify

As mentioned, Legion’s Fortify still intends to deliver the well-rounded combination of joint health benefits the original did, but with an improved and more modern set of ingredients. Fans of the brand can pick up the updated supplement from the official Legion online store, where a full-size bottle of 30 servings will usually cost you $35, but at the moment, it’s on sale with 10% off down to $31.50.