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Like A Pro is turning its intra-workout into an even more advanced product

like a pro glycotrix 2

In about six weeks, Jeff Long’s brand Like A Pro Supplements is coming out with a 2.0 version of its carbohydrate fueled intra-workout Glycotrix. The updated take on the product is still going to feature a solid amount of carbohydrates with 25g of highly branched cyclic dextrin. The changes come in with all of the ingredients alongside the HBCD to support endurance, performance, nutrient uptake, and recovery.

You can see the facts panel behind Like A Pro’s Glycotrix 2.0 directly below, which as mentioned, maintains a lot of the key ingredients from the original. You still get 2g each of citrulline malate and GlycerPump glycerol, 250mg of cinnamon bark, and a gram of taurine. As for some of the new features, the brand has switched from BCAAs to a full spectrum of EAAs, AstraGin to enhance absorption, and sea salt for hydration.

like a pro glycotrix 2

Like A Pro has essentially taken its already packed out and multi-benefit intra-workout and turned it into an even more advanced supplement to power you through your training. Intra-workout is not a type of product you really see that often from companies these days, let alone something as complex and in-depth as Glycotrix or soon to be, Glycotrix 2.0.

As mentioned, Jeff Long and his brand Like A Pro are looking to launch their revamped and reworked intra-workout roughly six weeks from today, so it should be here somewhere near the end of September to early October. We’re not sure about the price of the sequel supplement, which will have the same total of 30 servings per tub, but if it’s anything like the original, it’ll be $69.99 with different flavors to choose from.