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Machine Motion updated once again with TamaFlex and hyaluronic acid

mts updates machine motion

Machine Motion is one of the longer running supplements in Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition lineup, being introduced all the way back in 2015. It is an advanced joint support product that, since its debut, has been updated twice. This month MTS Nutrition has reformulated Machine Motion once again, adding a key ingredient for an even more complete joint health solution.

MTS Nutrition has swapped out its previous version of Machine Motion’s 20mg of branded Q-Actin gherkin extract in favor of premium TamaFlex, a blend of tamarindus indica seed and turmeric root for added anti-inflammatory benefits. The brand has also added sodium hyaluronate, a more bioavailable form of hyaluronic acid, which was actually in the very first Machine Motion.

Everything else in the joint support supplement is the same, including half a gram each of cissus and curcumin, and 400mg of bromelain. You can now purchase MTS Nutrition’s refreshed and reformulated product starting this week, from the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness. Regular users of the supplement will be pleased to know the price has remained at $39.99 for 30 serving bottle.