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USN repurposes its surplus of Spike X300 cans for newer energy drinks

newly wrapped usn qhush energy drinks

A few days ago, we had someone reach out on Twitter with a video showing USN’s Havana Juicy Qhush energy drink being unwrapped to reveal a Spike 300 can underneath. Spike 300 is the South African brand’s much older energy drink, but still packing 300mg of caffeine. We then got a second video of the same thing but for USN’s Red Fury Qhush energy drink.

After seeing the clips on social media, we reached out to USN to find out what the story is behind the rewrapped products. The brand has confirmed that this is, in fact, a campaign to be more eco-friendly. USN had a lot of cans of Spike X300 left over, and rather than throw them away, it put them to good use by filling them with a different product and giving it a wrapper to match.

usn rewrapped spike x300 cans

There are three products on the market USN has done this with, in the Havana Juicy and Red Fury Qhush energy drinks, as mentioned, and a Purple Rain flavor of its BCAA Power Punch beverage. While the can is older, the brand has said the drink inside is indeed the new product, from the different active ingredients, right down to the flavor and nutrition profile.

USN does note on the label of the products that it has repurposed an older can with a new drink and wrapper. At the top on the back, you’ll see the text ‘Wrapped with the new face of Spike Juicy’, on the Havana Juicy Qhush energy drink. The words vary slightly across the drinks, but it’s an obvious indicator the product uses one of the original Spike X300 cans.