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NOCCO’s fourth entry into its Focus family gets a cider-like flavor

nocco focus 4 legend soda

The simply named ‘Focus’ is NOCCO’s gaming beverage featuring a similar formula to the company’s flagship drink. It comes with a blend of vitamins and minerals, and a moderate 180mg of caffeine for a reliable increase in energy. This week NOCCO has introduced another addition to its Focus family of drinks after introducing a third Focus earlier this year.

The first Focus beverage from NOCCO is Cola-flavored; the second one named Focus 2 is Melon Crush, and the third is the almost nine-month-old Raspberry Blast-flavored Focus 3. The new Focus 4 comes with a flavor called ‘Legend Soda’, which obviously doesn’t tell you too much about it. According to NOCCO however, the product is said to have a cider-like flavor.

Fans of the no carbs company can look forward to seeing Focus 4 Legendary Soda in all of its usual retail partners starting next week in its home country of Sweden.

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