Performax discounts everything by 25% and is giving away a workout stack

Aug 11th, 2020
performax labs stack3d pro expo

Performax Labs has hit the Stack3d Pro Expo with a great way to save some money on its effective line of supplements as well as a way to win a good selection of it. The brand is running a sitewide sale in celebration of our online-only expo where you get a solid 25% off everything available at That also includes its many stacks, which are already discounted by a reasonable amount.

The exclusive coupon code for that 25% off can be found on Performax Labs’ Stack3d Pro Expo booth, alongside details on its giveaway. The reputable brand has put up a complete workout stack as the grand prize with full-size tubs of EAminoMax, the stimulant-free VasoMax, and our number one rated pre-workout HyperMax. All you have to do is enter your name and address, and you’re in to win.