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Kaged unveils Pre-Kaged Sport but it’s not the game-changer we expected

pre kaged sport

Pre-Kaged Sport is the all-new supplement Kaged Muscle has been teasing over the past week, referring to it as a game-changer, and saying, “The innovation is about to take its next step forward.” It is indeed a pre-workout, however it does not feature any ingredients, dosages, or a type of combination we haven’t seen before, but it does have a point of difference next to the regular Pre-Kaged.

Kaged Muscle promises support for energy, mental focus, endurance, and power in Pre-Kaged Sport. The formula providing those benefits is actually quite simple, in fact, almost all of the active ingredients in Pre-Kaged Sport can be found in the original Pre-Kaged, but at the same or different amounts. It seems to be a more basic pre-workout for an audience after a clean and balanced experience.

In each serving of Pre-Kaged Sport, you get 3.5g of fermented citrulline, which is 3g less than Pre-Kaged, half the BetaPower betaine at 1.25g, the same 1.6g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine. You then have Aquamin minerals, Himalayan pink salt, and 2g of taurine and half a gram of coconut water, just like Pre-Kaged. Finally, there is half a gram of tyrosine and a light 188mg of PurCaf natural caffeine for energy and focus.

It is worth noting that while almost all of the active ingredients in Pre-Kaged Sport are in Pre-Kaged, that original pre-workout has others outside of that to make for a more advanced supplement. As mentioned, Pre-Kaged Sport comes off as a simpler alternative to Pre-Kaged, with 9.53g of active ingredients, versus the advanced Pre-Kaged and its 23.32g of actives.

Kaged Muscle’s Pre-Kaged Sport will be available soon from its online store with the same amount of servings per tub as Pre-Kaged, at 20. We don’t know the price on the brand’s newer pre-workout yet, but we have to imagine with the lighter formula, will come a lighter price. Directly through Kaged’s website, Pre-Kaged costs $39.99, so we’re guessing Pre-Kaged Sport will be under that.