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Quamtrax’s basic glutamine supplement now comes in actual flavors

quamtrax nutrition flavored glutamine

While the Spanish brand Quamtrax Nutrition already had a glutamine supplement available, with a straightforward glutamine-only formula, it didn’t really have any options. Until now, the brand’s simply named ‘L-Glutamine Powder’ only came in unflavored powder, although it did have several different sizes to choose from with 300g, 400g, and 800g tubs.

Starting this month, Quamtrax Nutrition has expanded on L-Glutamine Powder and given it an actual menu. The simple supplement now comes in actual flavors, so it has a taste you can enjoy if you decide to have it by itself. Quamtrax has put together and released two flavors for its glutamine product in a traditional Watermelon, and the fruity cocktail, Blue Tropic.

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