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Redcon1 brings back its Dallas McCarver tee with all profits going to his family

redcon1 dallas mccarver tee

It was three years ago rising bodybuilding star, and team member of the supplement brand Redcon1, Dallas McCarver, tragically passed away. The brand has honored the young athlete nicknamed ‘Big Country’ on several occasions with posts and mentions, and is doing so again this week in a more impactful way after talking with McCarver’s mother and sister.

Redcon1 has brought back the special edition ‘In Loving Memory’ tee it put together three years ago, where all profits were donated to raise money for underprivileged children. The shirt the brand has brought back features a similar design with the same image on the front, but instead of his name on the back, this time, there is a quote from Dallas McCarver himself.

Live with a smirk on your face and fire in your heart. Life is too short to take yourself seriously, but never forget your passion. – Dallas McCarver

Once again, Redcon1 is not taking any profit from the memorial tee, with all of it going to his mother Penny, and his sister Katie. You can purchase the item from the brand’s online store at $24.99 in sizes small all the way up to XXXL.

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