REPP introduces its focus formula RAZE Focus at $35.25 per bottle for two

Aug 22nd, 2020
repp sports raze focus

As promised, REPP Sports has released its all-new focus supplement today RAZE Focus, and just as we suspected, it has hit the market through the brand’s online store with an introductory deal. For a limited time, you can get two 30 serving bottles of RAZE Focus at $35.25 each for two, instead of its usual $46.99, and if your order goes over $50, you’ll also qualify for a free RAZE tee.

For those that missed our previous post, REPP Sports’ newest supplement, RAZE Focus; it is a capsule formula created to increase energy, enhance mental focus, and support brain function. It essentially aims to be an all-around nootropic product, offering a well-rounded and balanced experience, although things do get a little interesting when it comes to its ingredients and dosages.

repp sports raze focus

REPP Sports RAZE Focus brings together a blend of b vitamins, and three non-transparent blends made up of the ingredients to give that balanced focus experience. You can see all of the blends directly below in the supplement’s facts panel, including a light 405mg combination of lion’s mane, ashwagandha, bacopa, and ginkgo, and the CitraFuze blend seen in a few other REPP products.

Where things get interesting is RAZE Focus features the reliable stimulant caffeine; however, there are, in fact, two versions of the product. REPP Sports has created a ‘regular’ option with all of the ingredients above, including 150mg of caffeine, and a stimulant-free alternative that has all of the ingredients necessary. You can purchase either online now at with both versions priced the same.