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First-ever amino from REPP Sports introduced at $19 each for two tubs

repp sports recov-7

The amino supplement Recov-7 that REPP Sports previewed earlier this week, has been completely unveiled and is now available for purchase. With the full launch, we can confirm all of the features that make up the Recov-7 formula. As previously posted, the product gets its name from the fact that it comes with seven key features to support muscle recovery, as well as hydration and mental focus.

The complete combination of ingredients behind Recov-7 starts with a reasonable 6g of all nine EAAs in a two-scoop serving. Next up is a blend of electrolytes to support hydration, then half a gram each of glutamine, taurine, and coconut water, as well as half a gram each of tyrosine and choline for focus. The supplement is certainly one of your more complex aminos, featuring more than the usual mix of EAAs and electrolytes.

To celebrate the arrival of Recov-7, REPP Sports is running a huge sale where you can get two tubs of its newest product for the price of one. Instead of paying $37.99 for a bottle of 20 full servings, you’ll pay that for two, working out to $19 each. The supplement comes in three flavors that if you know REPP, you know they’ll taste good, with Tropical Rainbow, Sour Apple Kiwi, and the candy creation Gummy Bears.