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Iceland’s Ripped releases a Solstice flavor to close out summer

ripped solstice energy drink

Ripped is a functional beverage brand from Iceland that has the one flagship energy drink on the market and prides itself in putting more than your typical mix of ingredients into it. The Ripped energy drink comes in a variety of flavors and combines a moderate 105mg of caffeine for energy with a little less than a gram of carnitine, green tea, and an extremely small amount of beta-alanine at only 165mg.

We’re introducing Ripped to our audience this week as the proud Icelandic company has welcomed a new flavor to its lineup, featuring its usual formula of caffeine, carnitine, green tea, and beta-alanine. The product is Ripped Solstice, which we don’t have a detailed description of, just that it has a bright yellow-theme to it, and like the brand’s other flavors, it has zero fat, sugar, carbohydrates, and calories.

Ripped Solstice is available now in stores in Iceland, including online retail partners like Fitness Sport, who has the product priced at a very reasonable 4,990 kr (36.34 USD) for a case of 24.

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