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Sneak partners with the iconic UK candy Millions for two authentic flavors

sneak x millions flavors

The growing and well-marketed gaming supplement company Sneak, from the UK, has announced its first-ever collaboration with the aim to really take fans back to their younger days. The brand has put together an awesome video running you through the idea behind the partnership and products, and it is well worth a watch as it very obviously has its intended effect.

We’ve embedded Sneak’s worthwhile marketing video for its exciting new launch below, but as for what the brand has put together, it is two flavors of its flagship gaming supplement ‘Game Energy’. The company Sneak has teamed up with to create those flavors is the iconic, candy brand Millions, known in the UK for its miniature, chewy candy balls that are packed full of flavor.

As mentioned, the Sneak and Millions collaboration has resulted in two undoubtedly tasty flavors of the energy and focus enhancing Game Energy with Millions Bubblegum and Millions Strawberry. To make the partnership and products that much more special, Sneak has given them their own unique label designs that do a great job of communicating that nostalgic, retro-gaming feel.

It is also worth pointing out Sneak has labeled both of its Millions collaborations as ‘Sneak Generations’. While that may not seem like that big of a deal, it suggests we may be in for more partnerships down the road that fall into this nostalgic ‘Generations’ series. The brand hasn’t gone into detail about it, but we definitely feel it leaves the door open for more.

Sneak is looking to launch its authentic Millions Bubblegum and Strawberry flavors exactly one week from today, through its online store, where 40 serving tubs of Game Energy cost £35 (45.96 USD).

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