goBHB powered Keto Switch released in a half-size 20 serving tub

Aug 27th, 2020
switch nutrition 20 serving keto switch

Keto Switch is a ketone powered supplement from the Australian brand Switch Nutrition. Each serve of the flavored product comes with 6.4g of goBHB ketones, although that’s not all it comes with. Keto Switch combines that reasonable dose of goBHB ketones with Vana branded MCTs, vitamin c, b vitamins, and a light hit of BCAAs at 1.3g per serving.

The reason we’re dropping a brief bit on Keto Switch today is that Switch Nutrition is adding a new option to the supplement, but not another flavor like we typically see. The brand has put together a second tub size for the product, with half of its regular 40 servings. It is a 20 serving tub that is available in all of the same flavor options, except for one in Lychee.

You can already grab Switch Nutrition’s smaller Keto Switch from its website, which obviously isn’t as cost-effective as the full 40 serving working out be 20% more expensive at $59.95 (43.53 USD).