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Takeaway-inspired Fakeaway launches with high protein and low carb pizza bases

fakeaway from the skinny food co

The team at The Skinny Food Co, one of the busiest functional food companies out there as well as one of our favorites, has found time to create an all-new brand. The name of the brand is a fun play on the word ‘Takeaway’ with ‘Fakeaway’, which makes a lot of sense when you hear about the first product it has debuted with as well as its other upcoming items.

The lead product from Fakeaway is Whole Pizza Bases, and as you’d expect coming from The Skinny Food Co, the macros on these are far better than your typical pizza base. An entire 200g base comes with a high amount of protein at 26g, slightly more in carbohydrates at 36g with only 600mg of that sugar, 3g of fat, and a reasonable calorie count of 308.

the skinny food co fakeaway whole pizza bases

Fakeaway makes its Whole Pizza Bases with wheat, yeast, inulin, bamboo, oat, and psyllium fiber, and whey to give it that higher amount of protein. As you could probably tell from the product, the idea behind Fakeaway is that it’s all about healthier alternatives to traditional takeaway foods. This is also clear with the other product the brand has confirmed but not yet released.

On the way from Fakeaway is a line of low-calorie sauces, something you can already get from The Skinny Food Co with its Skinny Sauces, although the flavor angle on these is a bit different. Playing off that takeaway angle, Fakeaway is coming out with five sauces in Burger, Chinese Curry, Indian Curry, Pizza, and Kebab, all, of course, typical takeaway type foods.

The Skinny Food Co is now stocking its Fakeaway Whole Pizza Bases on its website at £4.99 (6.53 USD) for a pack of one, so they are quite expensive compared to typical pizza bases. As mentioned, the sauces are not yet available, although, by the sounds of things and knowing how quickly the brand moves, they’re probably dropping very soon.

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