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Ugly Muscle squeezes a lot into the hefty 25g serving of its new stim-free pre

ugly muscle vascular abomination

Ugly Muscle is an up and coming brand that currently has just two supplements to choose from in Hideous Sensation and Chamber of Hades. The products are both for saturated and extremely competitive categories with Hideous Sensation being the brand’s stimulant powered pre-workout, and Chamber of Hades, a stimulant-based weight loss formula.

Very soon, Ugly Muscle is going to increase its small family of supplements by one with the introduction of Vascular Abomination, which like Hideous Sensation, is a pre-workout. The difference with the brand’s second competitor for the category is it will not feature any stimulants and come packed full of ingredients to deliver increased pumps and focus.

To build some excitement, Ugly Muscle has shared the full transparent formula behind Vascular Abomination, and it has squeezed a lot of features into this one. Each full serving of the upcoming pre-workout has a hefty 5g of betaine, 3g of glycerol, 600mg of Vaso6, a gram of coconut water, and a truly huge 12g of pure citrulline, to really further the pumps.

While those ingredients above are plenty for a stimulant-free pre-workout, there is a bit more to Ugly Muscle’s Vascular Abomination. The brand has also thrown in a handful of ingredients to increase and enhance mental focus, and once again, all without any stimulants. Taking care of that side of the pre-workout is 200mg of theobromine, 650mg of alpha-GPC, huperzine a, and 20mg of noopept.

As mentioned, Ugly Muscle is planning to release Vascular Abomination soon, with 20 full servings per tub or 40 if you don’t mind half dosing. We’re not sure when the growing brand is planning to drop the packed out stimulant-free pre-workout, but when it arrives, seeing as it’s stimulant-free, fans will be able to enjoy it even more as it can be stacked with Ugly’s current pre-workout Hideous Sensation.