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Lilikoi Lychee Reign now available for pre-order on Amazon

liliko lychee reign energy drink

You can now pre-order the newest flavor of the tasty, high energy, and zero-calorie Reign Total Body Fuel energy drink from Amazon, which is quite possibly one of its most uncommon tastes to date. The flavor is the Lilikoi Lychee Reign, first pictured four months ago in April, and as mentioned, you can now finally pre-order it, with its shipping date not that far away.

If you get in and secure yourself one or more cases of Lilikoi Lychee Reign, you’ll be waiting just a week for its official release. Amazon is listing a launch date of the 31st of August for the lychee-flavored Reign Total Body Fuel, which is exactly a week from today. The price on a case of Lilikoi Lychee on Amazon is very reasonable at $22.98, working out to $1.91 a can.

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