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European brand AK-47 Labs takes on liver health with its latest supplement

ak 47 labs liver defender

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a fair amount of action out of the European brand AK-47 Labs, as it’s expanded into a variety of different categories and areas of the industry. Throughout the expansion, the brand has kept its supplements relatively simple and straightforward, which isn’t exactly the case with the product that’s hit the market this week.

The latest from the team at AK-47 Labs is ‘Liver Defender’, and it’s formulated to do just that, support and protect your liver. It is quite a unique and advanced type of supplement that you won’t see too many other brands take on. The formula behind Liver Defender includes ZMA, turmeric, milk thistle, glutathione, hawthorn, n-acetyl-l-cysteine, and more.

ak 47 labs liver defender

You can see the full combination of ingredients AK-47 Labs has brought together for Liver Defender in the facts panel above, where you’ll notice each one is openly and transparently dosed. The product is now in stock with the brand’s distributor in Europe, Prometeus, so it probably won’t be long before those in the region see Liver Defender showing up on shelves.

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