BlenderBottle prepares fans for Wonder Woman 1984 with a line of shakers

Sep 8th, 2020
blenderbottle wonder woman 1984 shakers

Later this month, the sequel to hit the superhero film Wonder Woman is releasing, named after the year it’s set with ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. To get fitness enthusiasts as well as fans of the hero prepared and even more excited, the shaker company BlenderBottle has put together a series of Wonder Woman 1984 products. The brand has come up with three designs, all themed around the Wonder Woman film.

You can get a good look at BlenderBottle’s Wonder Woman 1984 products in the image above; one features the superhero’s logo, another with the name of the movie, and the third, a picture of Wonder Woman herself. All of the shakers come with an eye-catching, retro color combination, fitting for the 80s set Wonder Woman film, with various pinks, purple, and green, as well as the hero’s classic red, blue, and yellow.

BlenderBottle’s series of shakers for Wonder Woman 1984 are all based on its Strada bottle design, featuring an innovative button to switch between three drinking preferences. You can grab any of the Wonder Women products starting today through the brand’s website at $18.99 each, so just a few dollars more than a standard color of the Strada BlenderBottle.

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