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Blue Chug Rug coming to G Fuel’s Energy Crystals menu this Sunday

blue chug rug g fuel energy crystals

While G Fuel’s flagship energy and focus supplement comes in a variety of flavors and collaborations, and so does its tasty energy drink, that’s not the case for its Energy Crystals. For those unfamiliar with the product, G Fuel’s Energy Crystals is a unique gaming supplement that squeezes energy and focus boosting ingredients into nostalgic popping candy.

This Sunday, G Fuel is adding a flavor to the menu of its tasty and memorable Energy Crystals, joining its current three options of Blue Ice, Green Apple, and Sour Cherry. The flavor being added to the product is actually one from the regular G Fuel powder and G Fuel energy drink with Blue Chug Rug, put together in partnership with ambassador FaZe Rug.

Fans of G Fuel will be able to grab the new Blue Chug Rug Energy Crystals from come Sunday in packs of three tubes at $6.99 and a bundle of six tubes at $12.99.

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