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Bodylab combines a few pre-workout ingredients into a compact 60ml shot

bodylab pre workout shot

Danish brand Bodylab has a new pre-workout supplement on the market this week, although it does not come in the usual format with a tub of bulk powder. The sports supplement and functional food company has come out with the simply named ‘Pre Workout Shot’. It is indeed a product to take before your workout that’s packed into a compact and convenient, 60ml shot.

Bodylab’s Pre Workout Shot isn’t dosed overly highly with an entire bottle providing a moderate 200mg of caffeine, 2g each of beta-alanine and arginine, just a gram of citrulline, and b vitamins. As mentioned, it doesn’t come with the long list and reliable dosages we’ve come to expect with a typical tub pre-workout, although the idea here seems to be more convenience over formula.

The Pre Workout Shot is now available directly from Bodylab, through its online store, where, as per usual, the Danish brand is welcoming its latest effort with a sale. For a limited time, Bodylab is discounting its compact pre-workout from 240DKK down to 159DKK (25.08 USD) for a case of 12, in Pineapple or Cola flavors, or in a variety bundle with six of each option.