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Tiramisu and Honeycomb flavors now available for Bulk Powders Macro Munch

bulk powders tiramisu and honeycomb macro munch

Bulk Powders is extending the lineup of flavors for its delicious Macro Munch protein bar this week, despite already having plenty of great options such as Really Rocky Road and Crumblin’ Cookies and Cream. With so many flavors to choose from, a lot of which are fairly traditional, it’s not too surprising the new additions are a little less common.

Flavors number eight and nine for Bulk Powders smooth and flavorful Macro Munch protein bar are Heavenly Chocolate Honeycomb and Terrifically Tasty Tiramisu. The calories on the flavors are slightly lower than any of the other Macro Munch options, although they still come with a solid 20g of protein per bar, just 2.9g of sugar, and 223 calories.

The all-new Heavenly Chocolate Honeycomb and Terrifically Tasty Tiramisu Macro Munch protein bars are now available from Bulk Powders’ primary website at £2.49 (3.32 USD) per bar or £29.88 (39.87 USD) for a box of 12, which works out to the same £2.49 each.

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