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CNP shares a lot more about its promising new Stim Junkie pre-workout

cnp stim junkie ignition

CNP has shared a much closer and clearer look, and more detailed information about its upcoming, high-stimulant pre-workout, appropriately named Stim Junkie. The UK brand first teased the supplement at this year’s Stack3d Pro Expo, although it didn’t share a whole lot of details, or even an image of what the exciting new product is going to look like.

You can now get a complete and clear look at CNP’s Stim Junkie spin-off of its Ignition pre-workout, in the image above. It comes with a colorful label design that’ll surely make it stand-out on shelves, which also pairs nicely with the colorful flavor. Stim Junkie has been pictured in what we can only assume is a Nerds candy-inspired creation called ‘Nurdz’.

As for the information we have on Stim Junkie outside of what’s in the picture, CNP has said it is its edgiest pre-workout in the more than 20 years it’s been in the industry. The brand focuses on two main benefits for its heavy stimulant product; provide maximum focus and an intense level of energy that is smooth and balanced enough to use in the gym.

“We see a lot of great formulas on paper, but they don’t always translate into a great workout experience. Having the wrong balance of stimulants can be bad at both ends of the spectrum, having too little can leave you wanting more and feeling lethargic, having too many can tip you past the point for maximum performance and instead leave you jittery. Getting the balance that works synergistically is an art, and Stim Junkie a masterpiece.” – CNP Supplements

The last area CNP has provided information on is the formula behind Ignition Stim Junkie, although not in the form of any ingredients or dosages. The brand has named the five groups of ingredients fans will find in the supplement: the Anti-Crash Complex, Performance Primer, Amped Energy Complex, Stim Junkie Shot, and Super Charger.

CNP is still planning to launch its exciting new Stim Junkie pre-workout at the end of this month, and when it arrives, you won’t want to sit back and wait for your current pre to run out. The UK legacy brand is only producing a limited amount of tubs of the product, and with all the hype and excitement CNP is putting behind it, we don’t imagine those units hanging around for all that long.

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