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CNP shares the formula behind its long-awaited high-energy Stim Junkie

cnp stim junkie

The Legacy UK brand CNP has revealed the formula behind its long-awaited and highly anticipated stimulant pre-workout, Ignition Stim Junkie, that true to its name, is designed as an intense, high-energy supplement. The combination of ingredients the brand has brought together can be seen in the image below and is certainly more stimulant powered than any of its previous pre-workouts.

As you can see in CNP’s formula reveal, many of Stim Junkie’s ingredients are there to increase and enhance energy and mental focus, like most high stimulant products. The pre-workout does also include beta-alanine at its full 3.2g per serving to support performance and endurance, although once again, the majority of the compounds are there to deliver a heavy blend of energy and focus.

cnp stim junkie

CNP’s Stim Junkie comes with a reasonable 350mg of caffeine divided into 250mg from regular caffeine anhydrous and 100mg of sustained-release Infinergy. You then have 250mg each of juniper berry, kanna, and kigelia africana, also known as kigelia africana, 75mg of pure TeaCrine, a handful of b vitamins, 400mg of theanine, and finally, two ingredients to improve absorption with BioPerine and premium AstraGin.

CNP is looking to launch its latest, limited edition, and most intense pre-workout in company history in just two days on Wednesday. As far as we know, the brand’s online store will be one of the first places you can purchase Stim Junkie at a price of £27.99 (35.91 USD). The supplement is going to have the usual 30 servings per tub and is coming in the one candy-themed flavor, Rainbow Nurdz.