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DNS updates its basic BCAA with more water-soluble foam-free BCAAs

dns bcaa

DNS from Japan has reformulated its relatively basic recovery supplement BCAA, which is powered by precisely that, BCAAs. The product still features 4.95g of BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio with 2.475g of leucine, and 1.237g each of isoleucine and valine. What makes the new version of DNS BCAA any different from its predecessor is the type of BCAAs it’s made with.

The Japanese brand has switched from the usual, foamy BCAAs to a more water-soluble form that mixes clear and without any foam or clusters of powder. DNS has maintained the supplement’s original flavor, keeping it as Grapefruit. As for the cost-effectiveness of DNS BCAA, that has undergone some changes too, as it is cheaper, but you don’t get as many servings.

DNS’ more water-soluble BCAA is ¥4,320 (41.31 USD) a tub, compared to its predecessor at ¥4,536 (43.38 USD). That price is lower, as mentioned; however, the original had 200g of powder, while the updated one tips the scales at 165g. Basically, you get 18% less BCAA powder at a cost that’s only 5% less.

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