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Gaspari announces the return of its original test booster Viradex XT

gaspari nutrition viradex xt

Over the years, the legacy brand Gaspari Nutrition has brought back several well-known but discontinued supplements. We’ve seen the return of its pump product PlasmaJet, the pre-workout Superpump 250, the testosterone booster Novadex XT, and many others. Today the brand has announced it is bringing back another supplement from the past with a small change to its name.

The product on the way from Gaspari Nutrition is Viradex XT, which, if we remember correctly, initially hit the market all the way back in 2011. That original version however, was spelled without the letter ‘a’ in ‘Viridex XT’. The upcoming Viradex promises the same kind of benefits as Viridex, aiming to boost testosterone and block estrogen, to in turn, increase muscle and lose weight.

Gaspari Nutrition is looking to launch its returning Viradex XT sometime soon through its online store at, where the testosterone booster will be available in the usual bottle size of 30 servings.