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Ghost shares full details on its premium multivitamin Ghost Multi

ghost multi

Ghost has been one of the busiest brands in the industry this year, consistently revealing, teasing, and releasing all-new products and flavors. We’ve seen top supplements like the tasty Ghost Greens, the on-point Ghost Gamer, and a unique extension into the beauty category with Ghost Glow. Later this week, the original lifestyle brand is dropping another new product with Ghost Multi.

True to its name, Ghost Multi is Ghost’s comprehensive entry into the essential multivitamin market. Like all of the brand’s supplements, Multi features a blend of quality ingredients with 21 different vitamins and minerals. Several of those are premium, branded forms such as TRAACS zinc, copper, and manganese.

ghost multi

While Ghost Multi does come with a reliable blend of vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness, the formula doesn’t end there. To help separate it from the many other products in the category, Ghost has included a few additional features you won’t find in your typical multivitamin. There is Lutemax for eye health, boron, vanadium, BioPerine for better absorption, and the Phytoserv veggie blend.

A solid multivitamin is a staple supplement of ours for use year-round, so it’s great to see Ghost bring its touch to the space. We’ve yet to see the price on the product, but knowing the brand, it will be well within reason. The even more exciting news is Ghost Multi is due to launch in just four days at midday Central Time on Thursday through Ghost’s main US online store as well as its European one.